Print Mechanical Specifications



Art Preparation/Specifications

Full-Page/Fractional Ads: We accept digital files only, preferably high resolution, CMYK, font-embedded PDF or PDF/X-1a. Ads must be prepared according to our specification guidelines, which are available by contacting the Advertising Coordinator at 866-505-4687 or emailing inquiries to Ads@Taunton.com. All ads must be accompanied by a proof made from the file submitted to verify content. Color ads must be accompanied by a high-quality, full resolution color proof calibrated to SWOP specifications. For black & white ads without halftone images, a high-quality computer printout (600 dpi or greater) is acceptable. We reserve the right to charge for processing time in the event the file does not meet ad specification guidelines. All ads must reach the size of the space ordered at some point in width and height.


Production Data

Trim size: 8 5/8” x 10 7/8” • Binding: Perfect bound • Printing: Black & white, 4-color process; text and cover – web offset • Paper: Text – 45-lb. coated stock; cover – 100-lb. coated stock


Bleed Requirements

Bleed available only for ½ page and larger. Bleed image should be limited to tints or background. Live matter, including type, must be kept within the live area, which starts 5/8” from top, ¾” from bottom, 5/8” from left, and 5/8” from right of the bleed ad size.


Publication Services

In-house production services are available for an additional charge and they are non-commissionable. Contact the Advertising Coordinator for details. Please note: All publication services will be billed at trade rates. Ads requiring work by the Publisher may not qualify for the camera-ready discount.


Deadline for Publisher-set copy is 7 days prior to closing date.


Position Requests

Considered but not guaranteed.


Shipping and Production Information

All advertising materials should be shipped directly to: Advertising Coordinator, The Taunton Press, 63 South Main Street, PO Box 5506, Newtown, CT 06470-5506

Phone: 866-505-4687 • Fax: 203-426-3434 • Email: Ads@taunton.com (Please indicate ad is for Threads.)


Billing Questions

Please contact the Business Office at 800-926-8776, ext. 3245 • Email: BusinessOffice@Taunton.com