The Threads reader: your core customer

  • For over 25 years, it’s where people who love to sew go for America’s most trusted sewing advice.
  • Our content continually serves our passionate audience with the caliber of in-depth and timely information they desire across all channels.
  • “I love Threads. I sit down to read it the moment it comes. I always learn something new and I’m usually inspired to try something new.” – Reader
  • “Threads is my most valuable source of information and inspiration.” - Reader

Meet the Threads reader—an extremely engaged, dedicated sewing enthusiast who's meticulous and organized in her craft, always eager to learn more, and sought out by her peers for her insightful advice.

Threads reader profile: active enthusiasts, affluent spenders

  • Smart, affluent women—with an avg. HHI of $108K and with nearly 9 in 10 holding a college degree, Threads readers have the means and mindset to spend on quality.
  • The ultimate in reader involvement—8 in 10 say Threads is the ultimate sewing magazine; they spend 2 hours with each issue on avg.
  • The most passionate enthusiasts—more than 4 in 10 say that garment sewing is their favorite activity; they spend 11 hours per week sewing.
  • Willing to pay more for their favorite resource—our subscribers pay the highest annual subscription price in the category ($32.95).

Source: Harvey Research 2006

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